Okrawarki wsteczne po obrysie 3D

XEBEC’s innovative software for path programming enables to remove back burrs on 3D curved surface in combination with the uniquely designed Cutter. The path data can be used as soon as being installed on a NC program, saving your time to make your own program.



Back burrs on a 3D curved surface can be removed by a combination of the uniquely designed Cutter and the innovative path data.

Features of XEBEC Path for Back Burr Cutter

Uniform edge shape by consistent deburring amount

Faster operating time thanks to the unique cutter design

Long tool life by using the entirety of the cutting blade

The contact points of the spherical cutting edge is continuously shifting. The red part shows the range of the blade use.

Applicable areas

Applicable for back burrs on edges which were not previously supported by CNC machines.

Features of XEBEC Back Burr Cutter

Micro-grain cemented carbide

Sharp and long lasting

Highly heat-resistant AlTiCrN coating

Support materials from non-ferrous (e.g. aluminum) to difficult-to-cut materials (e.g. titanium and inconel)

Helical Blade

Cleaner cutting edge and prevent secondary burrs

Point group data

Path data for processing edge is provided by the set as shown below.

For use in machining center, 1 set of path data consists of 40 kinds of paths; 2 edges (upper and lower), 2 modes (incremental and absolute) and 2 rotation directions (up and down) and for each of the 8 types, 5 deburring amounts are provided. 1 CD contains 1 set of path data.
For use in combined lathe, 1 set of path data have 20 files (for xyz axis) and 10 (for xzc axis) files.

How to use

Applicable areas

Orthogonal Crosshole:
Supports secondary hole diameter of Φ1mm or more
The primary processing hole diameter to secondary hole diameter can be up to 1:1

Off-center Crosshole:
Supports secondary hole diameter of Φ1mm or more
Supports an amount of shift that does not cause the primary hole to be broken.

* This process is not applicable if either the primary or secondary hole is a female screw or the material surface.
* There is the possibility a path cannot be generated for certain hole combinations.

Apparatuses that can mount the tool

Can be mounted on machining center (XYZ-axis) and combined lathe (XZY or XZC-axis).

How to order

Path data is generated in corresponding to hole diameters and positions of the primary and secondary holes. It is necessary to check if path data can be generated for your workpiece before placing an order.

Please download the order code request sheet below. The sheet is different depending on target edges. After filling out the sheet, please submit to a local distributor or info@xebec-tech.co.jp.

Please download here                                Please download here                            Please download here



XEBEC Back Burr Cutter Regular type

Product Code  R (mm) φDc(mm) Φdn(mm) L2(mm) L1(mm) φDs(mm)
XC-08-A 0.4 0.8 0.48 5 60 3
XC-13-A 0.65 1.3 0.78 8 60 3
XC-18-A 0.9 1.8 1.1 10 60 3
XC-28-A 1.4 2.8 1.7 15 70 4
XC-38-A 1.9 3.8 2.4 20 70 4
XC-48-A 2.4 4.8 3 25 70 6
XC-58-A 2.9 5.8 3.5 30 70 6

XEBEC Back Burr Cutter Straight type

Product Code  R (mm) φDc(mm) Φdn(mm) L2(mm) L1(mm) φDs(mm)
XC-18-B 0.9 1.8 1.1 50 1.1
XC-28-B 1.4 2.8 1.7 70 1.7
XC-38-B 1.9 3.8 2.4 85 2.4
XC-48-B 2.4 4.8 3 105 3
XC-58-B 2.9 5.8 3.5 120 3.5

Processing movie

Orthogonal crossing hole

Orthogonal crosshole
Material:SUS304, Primary hole:φ20, Secondary hole:φ20
Tool:XC-58-A, Spindle speed:6000min-1, Table feed:1200mm/min

Off center crossing hole

Off-center crosshole
Material:SUS304, Primary Hole:φ20, Secondary hole:φ16
Tool:XC-58-A, Spindle speed:6000min-1, Table feed:1200mm/min

Planar hole 6mm

Planar hole φ2㎜
Tool:XC-58-A, Spindle speed:6000min-1, Table feed:1200mm/min

Planar hole 2mm

Planar hole φ2㎜
Tool:XC-18-A, Spindle speed:6000min-1, Table feed:1200mm/min

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