Szczotka Xebec typu kołowego


This wheel type brush enables to approach burrs on a side surface and dramatically expands the solutions for CNC deburring and polishing.


XEBEC Brush Wheel Type uses abrasive ceramic fiber material instead of abrasive grain. One single bristle has 1,000 cutting edges, providing excellent cutting ability.

The ceramic fiber has 3 features: „overwhelming grinding power”, „consistent cutting performance” and „no deformation”, enabling CNC deburring and polishing.
Our products do not contain refractory ceramic fobers.

SEM Photo


Apparatuses that can mount the tool

The tool can be mounted on apparatuses that control the rotation speed and cut of depth.

●Machining centers
Can be used with a milling chuck holder and collet chuck holder.
●Combined lathe
Can be used with a milling holder for X-axis or Y-axis.
●Robots  etc.

Line up

Order both a brush and shank for the first time. Insert a shank into a brush unit before use.
When replacing a brush, order only a brush part.

Main Unit (Brush)

Product Code Brush Diameter (mm) Number of Bundles Bristle (color) Dimension
W-A11-50 Φ50 6 A11(red) fig1
W-A11-75 Φ75 6

Dedicated shank(Attachment:Set Screw Product Code: W-SC-M4-6)

Product Code Shank Length
Shank Diameter
Set Screw Dimension
W-SH-M 70 8 M4 fig2
W-SH-L 150 12 fig3


How to Use

From the top view, the best approach is to place a center of a brush at the center angle to the edge. (figure 1) Burrs on A-side and B-side can be both removed.
Edge quality becomes stable if a brush is rotated in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.
Brush position on figure 2 is effective for burrs on A-side in the same way as figure 3 for burrs on B-side.

Processing Conditions

Initial Processing Conditions

Product Code Cutting Speed(vc)
Rotation Speed
Feed per Bundle (fz)
Table Feed
Depth of Cut (ae)mm
W-A11-50 250 1600 0.5 4800 0.2
W-A11-75 250 1000 0.5 3000 0.2

Range of Processing Conditions

Product Code Cutting Speed (vc)
Feed per Bundle (fz)
Depth of Cut (ae)
Max. Rotation Speed (nmax)
W-A11-50/W-A11-75 150350 1.5 and under Less than 0.5(*1) 3000

*1 As bristles are worn out, bristle length becomes shorter and increases stiffness, causing bristles to be broken. If bristles breakage occurs, please decrease the depth of cut.
* The processing conditions may differ depending on the state of burrs. Make adjustments according to the quality of the workpiece.
* If burrs remain, decrease the feed per bundle.


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