Szczotki do krzyżujących się otworów extra długie

XEBEC Brush Crosshole Extra-Long Shank is a custom-made product that can be used for depths between 140mm and 1,000mm, which cannot be handled by XEBEC Brush Crosshole.
This tool is a custom-made product.

How to Use

The basic usage method is the same as XEBEC Brush Crosshole.
For more instructions on how to use XEBEC Brush Crosshole, please see the products page.
A feature that differs from XEBEC Brush Crosshole is that a resin collar must be attached in order to prevent deflection. Also, always make sure to use the tool in a state where the resin collar is stored inside the workpiece.

Apparatuses that can mount the tool

The tool can be mounted on an apparatus capable of controlling the rotation speed that can produce a rotation speed over 8000min-1.

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